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Fun Facts About This Season’s Star Animal – The Rabbit

While the weather has certainly been unpredictable, we can count on a sure sign of spring this weekend – the Easter holiday. Baby bunnies, little chicks, fresh flowers – they will all be on display, showing the promise of warmer weather and the spring season. And, if you are anything like me, you need these small signs of the spring season right about now! In this month’s blog we are celebrating Easter and the optimistic feeling it leaves us with for the new season of possibilities. Read on for fun facts about this season’s star animal – the rabbit!

A Bunny’s Lifespan
The average wild rabbit lives for 1 year while the average pet rabbit lives for 9!

Rabbit Names
A male rabbit is a buck, a female rabbit is a doe and ababy rabbit is a kit.

Those Teeth
A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing! They grind their top and bottom teeth together, keeping them short.

Salad Please
Rabbits are herbivores, eating grass, hay, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Happy Bunnies
Rabbits purr and ‘binky’ when they are happy. A binky is a quick jump and turn.

Up All Night?
Contrary to popular belief, rabbits do not hibernate, and they also aren’t nocturnal. Instead, they are most active at dusk and dawn.

Clear Sight
Rabbits have 3 eyelids. The third eyelid helps to keep their eyes clean and clear to see approaching predators.

Catch Them If You Can
Jackrabbits have been clocked at speeds of 45 miles per hour.

Sit. Stay. Good Bunny!
Pet rabbits are actually easy to train. They can be taught their name, to come, sit and other tricks. Some have even been trained to use a litter box.

Burrow Sweet Burrow
Wild rabbits spend much of their lives in underground burrows with a humidity level near saturation point (100 percent). They thrive in this humid and almost wet environment…but we don’t! With spring and summer’s rains on the way make sure that your home’s sump pump is ready to go.

Unlike a rabbit’s burrow, having water in your basement can wreak havoc on your home, destroying valuables as well as crucial parts of your home’s structure, including the following.

Damage From Water In Your Basement

  • Cracking the foundation
  • Damaging drywall
  • Soaking insulation
  • Swelling framing
  • Ruining electrical lines
  • Demolishing appliances
  • Flooding flooring

Protect your home and valuables from the coming rains by ensuring that your sump pump (and back-up pump!) is ready for action!

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