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Don’t Let Your Drain Get Dogged Down

As many of you know, on February 16th we entered into a new year according to the Chinese zodiac calendar. From that date through February 4th of 2019 we will be celebrating the year of the dog! Since many of our customers have dogs as part of their families – they are the top owned pet in America* – we know that your homes are filled with four-legged love…and fur! And with all of that fur your drain can easily get ‘dogged’ down.

Sudsing Them Up
Depending on the breed of dog in your family, your doggie-bath-time schedule may run anywhere from every other week, to once a month, to 4-5 times a year. And for many families, washing their furry friend in their bathtub (or bathroom sink for smaller pups) is the norm.

Where It Gets Hairy

While washing your dog in your bathtub is convenient, and may seem like the obvious choice, scrubbing your dogs inside may lead to drain issues. Fur and hair follicles can collect in your tub drain, clogging the drain and stopping the flow of water.

Dog Grooming Tips

To prevent drain issues, follow these dog-cleaning tips:

  • put a strainer over the drain to catch all fur, hair and dirt
  • brush out extra fur before bathing your pets
  • but never clean out dog brushes or combs in the sink or tub
  • after the bath, wipe down the sides of the tub or sink to remove any excess fur

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