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Commercial Water Treatment

At The Water Knight we provide the very best commercial water treatment services with Water-Right’s line of CustomCare commercial grade water treatment products.  Water-Right’s CustomCare product line offers a full line of commercial water treatment solutions, including:

  • softening systems
  • conditioning systems
  • filtration systems
  • water systems

All of our commercial water treatment solutions are customizable. We will put together the best solution of the above based on your organization’s water treatment needs.

FREE Commercial Water Testing Services

At The Water Knight, we offer FREE commercial water testing services for commercial buildings, businesses and organizations throughout Moore County, North Carolina. Give us a call and we will set up an appointment time, come out to perform the water test, and report back with a full report on our findings. With that report we will provide you with our recommendations and a number of options to get your commercial water supply to where you need and want it to be.

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Commercial Water Softeners

Today’s commercial and industrial water softening needs are as diverse as they are important. From apartment buildings, nursing homes, and restaurants to manufacturing processes and pharmaceutical production, all require treated water. Even some of today’s larger homes require commercial equipment.

Our team knows that one size does not fit all, allowing for unique, project-specific requirements. We’re ready to serve you, from the most simple installation to the most demanding of applications.

Commercial Water Filtration

Our commercial water filtration systems are available in both fiberglass tank/top mounted valve and steel tank/diaphragm valve nest configurations. Depending upon your particular filtering application, our CustomCare filter systems are designed to work with a number of different filter medias.


Our dealkalizers reduce unwanted an-ions in the ion exchange process. Used mainly in commercial and industrial applications for the reduction of alkalinity in boiler and cooling tower applications, and also in process streams where required.

Dealkalizers operate similar to water softeners. The exception is in the chloride cycle; the reduction of alkalinity reduces blowdown and chemical use in applications, which reduces operational costs.

Engineered Products

Engineered products are essential for today’s commercial and industrial water treatment needs. We offer systems designed specifically to our commerical customers’ applications and unique requirements. Engineered products offer incredible cost-effective design concepts capable of providing high-quality water in many customized variations.

We Start With A FREE Water Test

All of our water quality services start with a FREE water test and due to the local water, this is an important step. We will come out to your property, test the water, and report back with our findings. As part of our report we will detail the commercial water treatment options that would work best to provide you with the cleanest, healthiest water possible.

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We Stand By Our Commercial Water Treatment Work

We are always at your service, and due to this you’ll have peace of mind that your issue is taken care of quickly and professionally when you call us. And our highly trained water quality experts are so confident in their work that we offer a 5-year warranty on all parts and labor on every job! As a result, you can rest assured in every service we provide.

With The Water Knight, you are assured of getting the right solution to your particular water needs.

Let us improve your water. Let us improve your life.