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Municipal Water Treatment

As Moore County continues to grow and flourish, municipal water demands continue to grow as well. With an increasing population, more restaurants, small businesses, organizations and larger corporations, more water is needed every day. And with the increasing demand, the challenge to deliver clean, healthy water gets tougher.

At The Water Knight, we work with municipalities to set up complete water treatment solutions. We offer:

  • municipal water filtration systems
  • municipal water sanitizer solutions
  • water softeners for municipal water supplies
  • municipal water testing

FREE Municipal Water Testing

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We Stand By Our Municipal Water Treatment Work

We are always at your service, and due to this you’ll have peace of mind that your issue is taken care of quickly and professionally when you call us. And our highly trained water quality experts are so confident in their work that we offer a 5-year warranty on all parts and labor on every job! As a result, you can rest assured in every service we provide.

Water Depletion and Contamination

We must keep in mind that we do not have any more water on our planet today than what we had when it was created! 97% of this water is not available for use: our oceans are too salty. The 3% that is left is in fog, clouds, ice caps, snow cover, and not accessible in sedimentary rock. What is left is less than 1% of all water on the planet for mankind and life outside of our oceans. Not much, right?

Depletion of this 1% has become a large concern and a concern we all share. Our water tables are depleting, our aquifers and wells are running out of water. Why?

When Christ walked the Earth there were approximately 250 million people using the same amount of water we have today, now there are over 7.3 billion people using the same amount of water. Need I say more regarding our water reserves?

The most serious problem facing us is not depletion, but contamination! We are contaminating our less than 1% that is highly depleting at an ever increasing rate.

Contamination via Golf Courses with all the chemicals used on the ground to keep them in perfect order. Farmers and their chemicals to grow our needed food supply, our use of petroleum and by-products from this resource often finds its way to our water tables and water aquifer reserves. The pharmaceuticals we take for medicine often contaminates our water, etc.

What can we do?

The Water Knight is working in conjunction with the national water treatment company: The Water Right and has the answers for water treatment and purification. We are meeting the challenges through advanced technology and continued research. And we are saving what water is available out of the 1% left for man.