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Why Water Heater Maintenance Is Important

We are often asked why water heater maintenance is important, and if it is actually necessary. Although a home’s water heater is an integral part of every day life, allowing for showers, dish washing and clean laundry, it is often overlooked when it comes to regular upkeep and maintenance. In fact, many people don’t even realize that it needs regular maintenance!

Why does my water heater need maintenance?image of water heaters

Over time, your water heater’s tank accumulates debris. This debris includes small pebbles, sand, dirt and rust. As this debris builds up it can have a negative affect on the performance of your home’s water heater and the quality of hot water throughout your home.

What is water heater maintenance?

Water heater maintenance is also known as a ‘drain and flush’ service, and the name pretty much says it all. A professional plumber will drain your water heater’s tank and flush away all of the debris and build-up that has formed in the tank.

What are the benefits of a flush and drain water heater service?

The most important benefits of a flush and drain service are that it helps you provide cleaner and healthier hot water to your family while keeping your water heater running more efficiently. A flush and drain service also:

  • Increases the amount of hot water that your heater can provide for you and your family. Cleaning out the tank allows for the storage of more hot water!
  • Increases the life of the tank itself. Cleaning out the tank will prevent rust and decay.
  • Prevents your drain valve from clogging. The dirt and debris can cause a clog and/or blockage.

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