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Don’t Forget To Turn The Clocks Back On Saturday Night

It’s almost time to turn the clocks back! Before you go to bed on Saturday night, remember to turn your clocks back one hour (and enjoy that extra hour of sleep!).

Turning back the clocks is a great time to take care of some important household tasks. Here is a short list of tasks that will help you prepare your home for winter’s harsher weather:

  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors – change the batteries and test the alarms to ensure that they work. This is crucial to the safety of your family and pets year round, but especially before home heating season starts.
  • Exterior Lights – check all light bulbs and change the bulbs that have burnt out. The nights will be getting longer and you’ll need that additional light outdoors!
  • Outdoor Plumbing – winterize all exterior plumbing spigots and faucets. Pack away hoses, sprinklers and even yard decor and furniture items while you are at it.
  • Window Screens – remove all of your home’s exterior window screens (and screens in any exterior doors). This will prevent the screens from getting damaged due to the harsh weather over the winter and will also increase the solar heat gain from the sun!
  • Gutters – although it isn’t a fun task, your gutters need to be cleaned out to prevent water and ice damage during winter’s cold temperatures.
  • Heating Vents – clear off all of your home’s interior heating vents from everyday obstructions (items like toys, furniture, throw rugs, lamps, etc) to allow for the heat to flow freely throughout your home!