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Gingerbread House Hacks

Since we are in the home services industry, we thought that we’d help you out with some holiday hacks for your house… your gingerbread house, that is!

  • Don’t have time to make gingerbread? Use graham crackers instead!
  • Decorate the sides of the gingerbread house before you construct the house. It will make way for easier art work.
  • Add a floor inside of the walls of the house to keep the walls in place (think of it as a foundation!).
  • Use melted caramel to stick the walls of the house together instead of frosting – it is much stickier and it hardens faster. Not going to eat the finished house? Use hot glue instead!
  • Stick the bottom of the house to the plate or platter that it will be displayed on.
  • Think outside of the box to make a statement when it comes to the roof – get creative with everyday food items like pretzel rods, frosted shredded wheat cereal, pecans or hard candies.
  • Add festive trees to the landscape surrounding the house with upside down ice cream cones.
  • Don’t focus on holiday candies – use any candy that you have (Halloween leftovers are great!). For instance, turn cotton candy into chimney smoke, a snickers candy bar into a chimney, chiclet gum into window panes, tootsie rolls into logs, etc…

Have fun! Remember, you are making holiday memories!