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Lawn Mowing Tips

We’re not only here to help you with your plumbing, electrical, and water filtration – we’re also here to help you with your lawn-mowing skills. Simply follow the lawn mowing tips below for a well manicured (and well cared for) yard! After all, a nice looking lawn adds to your home’s curb appeal and it’s overall value.

Prep the Lawn
Before you start the lawn mower up, walk around the yard and gather up any small objects, toys and debris that will be in the way of your lawn mowing path.

Keep it Dry
It is best to cut the lawn when it is completely dry – this will keep the grass blade length uniform and prevent your mower from making any divets in wet (and soft!) soil.

Leave the Clippings
Give yourself a break and leave the grass clippings where they are. Grass clippings should be left on the lawn! They serve as an easy – and free – fertilizer, benefiting root growth!

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Clover is Lucky
Many people think that clover needs to be weeded out of your lawn, but it should actually stay put! Clover smells great when it has been cut and it stays green for a long time!

Adjust for Shade
Areas of the lawn that grow in the shade should be cut at a higher height than the rest of the lawn. Be sure to adjust the lawnmower’s blade accordingly.

Change up the Pattern
Don’t mow the lawn in the same direction each time. Switch up the pattern and direction each time you mow to avoid soil ruts.

Look Ahead
Many people keep their eyes on the mower or the mower’s wheels. This is not where your gaze should be when mowing the lawn. Looking down on the mower can cause crooked lawn lines when mowing. Keep your eyes 10 feet in front of the mower for best results (plus, this is a much safer way to mow!).

Just follow the easy steps above for a beautifully manicured lawn.

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