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Don’t Neglect Your Home’s Unsung Heroes

Your home has many working parts, and without realizing it you may have a bad habit of neglecting some of your home’s unsung heroes. And they are working for you everyday!

Here’s a short list of items that you use every day that you may be in the (bad) habit of neglecting:

Indoor plants have been shown to purify air, improve your focus and increase happiness. With all that they do for you, be sure to show them a little love. Water them as needed and re-pot them with new soil at least once a year.

Did you know that almost half of home fires are caused by cooking equipment*? And a dirty oven is a fire waiting to happen. Take time to run the cleaning mode on your oven – it will reduce the risk of fire and enable your oven to work more efficiently.

Your Water Heater Is Also An Unsung Hero

Water Heater
You may not know it, but your home’s water heater works best when it has regular maintenance. An annual flush and drain service prolongs the life of your water heater and increases its efficiency, allowing for it to produce more hot water with less energy. Use the coupon below to show your water heater a little TLC!

Dryer Vent
You use your dryer almost every day, and while you most likely clean out the lint trip after every cycle, you probably don’t think about cleaning out the dryer vent that leads outside. This vent can also become clogged with lint and debris, causing your dryer to work harder to dry your clothes and also creating a potential fire hazard. The average dryer vent only needs to be cleaned out annually, so take a few minutes and do your dryer a favor!

Clogged gutters can lead to ice dams, a damaged roof and significant leaks. Cleaning out the gutters is not a fun task, but ignoring their maintenance is a habit that we need to break. They should be cleaned out twice a year – once in the beginning of the spring and again towards the end of fall.

Your fridge’s coils attract dust and dirt, and over time the debris hanging on to them will cause your refrigerator to work harder and run more frequently to keep your food cold. The solution is easy – simply vacuum off the coils – but be sure to unplug the fridge first!

Show your home’s unsung heroes some love and they will love you and your home back!