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Don’t Flush Your Money Away

Did You Know? About 1/4 Of Your Daily Water Usage Is From Flushing! Don’t Flush Your Money Away!

And older toilets can use up to 7 gallons of water per flush! Newer, more efficient toilets use between 1-2 gallons. Making the switch will save you up to 5 gallons per flush! With the average person flushing 5 times a day, a family of 4 can save up to 36,500 gallons per year!

Go greener and save some green on your water bill! Upgrade to a newer toilet and save up to 5 gallons per flush!

Did You Know? The Average Leaky Toilet Can Waste About 200 Gallons Of Water Per Day.*

That’s over 6,000 gallons a month ($70.06*) for just one leaking toilet! Or $840.72 a year!

Stop a small leak. Save a big chunk of change! Fix a toilet leak to save money & water!

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