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Plumbing Gifts For Father’s Day

For the practical dad:

This Father’s Day, give dad a gift that will help him go green at home all while saving some green! Here are some gift ideas that are specifically aimed at saving water (great for the environment!) and reducing dad’s water bill (great for his wallet):

New Shower Head

Dad’s Water Problem: You know that dad does it – he starts up the shower and waits a minute or so for the water to heat up to his ideal temperature before jumping in. The average shower head flows at 2.5 gallons, so that minute or so of waiting before every shower can add up to a lot of water waste.

Your Gift/Water Solution: A new ‘thermostatic shut off valve’ for dad’s shower. This newer technology allows a shower head to reduce the water flow to a trickle once the water is up to temperature. This will let dad know that the water is at his ideal temperature while saving gallons of hot water from running right down the bathtub drain. Dad simply pulls a cord once he enters the shower to return the water flow to normal.

Sink Aerators

Dad’s Water Problem: Water (and money) is going right down the drain. Faucet usage at home accounts for 15-18%* of a household’s overall water use.

Your Gift/Water Solution: Make sure that all of the sinks in dad’s home have aerators on the ends of the faucets (an aerator is a small mesh screen). This small change can save 30%* or more on dad’s water flow.
*Most new faucets have aerators and a lower-flow setting.

Car Wash

Dad’s Water Problem: Washing his car is a chore he could live without, plus his water bill spikes when he washes it himself.

Your Gift/Water Solution: Give dad a booklet of car wash coupons to the closest commercial car wash. Taking his car to a commercial car wash vs washing it at home with his outdoor hose can save dad up to 70% of the water used!

New Toilet

Dad’s Water Problem: Dad’s older toilets use up to 7 gallons of water per flush! With the average person flushing 5 times a day, dad is flushing 35 gallons a day or 12,775 gallons per year!

Your Gift/Water Solution: Newer, more efficient toilets use between 1-2 gallons. Making the switch will save dad up to 5 gallons per flush and 9,125 gallons a year!

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