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Checking Your Water Heater For Damage

After falls nasty storms here in North Carolina, we recommend that you should take the time for checking your water heater for damage. The torrential rains from Hurricane Florence and Autumn’s other storms could have wreaked havoc on your home’s water heater mechanism and/or water heater tank.

Whenever extreme levels of rain fall, the flooding, stale water in your basement, septic tank build up and structural damage to your home can undermine your water heater’s ability to safely and effectively operate. Intense storms, like Florence, can cause numerous hot water heater issues, including:

  • sediment build up
  • compromised electrical system
  • rusted bolts
  • broken components
  • corroded mechanisms
  • and more!

If your water heater was sitting in water, or if you notice any water heating issues since the storm, it is best to have a professional plumber come in to inspect your heater immediately. Checking your water heater for damage before you notice an issue with its functionality can save you a bundle in repair costs while also saving you from the hassle of a hot water outage.

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