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The Benefits Of Outdoor Lighting

While many homeowners consider upgrading, adding and retrofitting interior lighting, outdoor lighting isn’t always at the top of their home improvement lists…but it should be! Proper outdoor lighting is important for your home and family for numerous reasons.

Outdoor Lighting

Properly lighting up your home and yard provides for a safer outdoor environment for your family and invited guests. Ensuring that everyone that visits your yard can properly see stairways, walkways and your driveway (as well as any potentially troubling spots!) will help keep everyone safe and sound.

Reduction In Insurance Premiums
Did you know that most home insurance premiums offer a discount for well-lit yards? Motion activated lighting is listed as a discountable item with most plans, and other exterior lighting projects can score you annual savings as well.

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A well lit home is more secure than a dark home. Think about it – an intruder is less likely to strike at a home that has outdoor lights shining throughout its yard vs. a home that is dark and a yard that offers lots of shadowy spots to lurk in. And a motion activated light can help to scare uninvited guests away.

Property Value
Outdoor lighting also adds value to your home. Landscaping upgrades can add up to a 28% increase in value to your property. Plus, potential buyers see the outside of your home first – having it lit up and beautiful can leave a great first impression.

General Appeal
Well placed lighting can increase the overall aesthetic of your home. Lighting up specific areas throughout your yard, including beautiful trees, your main door way, or front porch adds beauty and charm.

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