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Is It Time To Replace Your Hot Water Heater?

Is it time to replace your water heater? At The Plumbing Knight, our office receives calls everyday from home owners and business owners throughout Moore County, North Carolina asking this very question. And, to be honest, it can be hard to know when your water heater should be replaced. To figure out if your water heater has reached the end of its service in your home, here is a list of symptoms of a heater that most likely needs to be swapped out:

Signs That You Need To Replace Your Water Heater

  • Lack of hot water – Does it seem like your home’s hot water supply isn’t lasting as long as it used to?
  • A leak – Is there a small (or large) puddle of water forming at the bottom of your water heater’s tank?
  • The unit is 10+ years old – Has your water heater been working for more than a decade?
  • Discoloration of your water supply – Is your water starting to look rusty or dirty?
  • The smell of your water has changed – Does your water smell metallic? Or have a chemical like odor?
  • Noises – Are you hearing loud bangs and grunts from your water heater?
  • Visits from your plumber – Are you repairing your water heater regularly?

If you have said yes to any of the signs listed out above it may be time to consider replacing your unit. Today’s water heaters are much more efficient. They also save energy and are more reliable than water heaters that were produced a decade ago. Having a new water heater installed can actually save you money in the long run…all while providing you with the peace of mind that you and your family will have the hot water that you need when you need it.

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