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The ABCs Of Electrical

To help educate our customers on the basics of their home’s electrical systems our expert electricians have put together the ABCs of Electrical. Yes, The Electric Knight’s electricians are taking it back-to-basics when it come’s to your electrical. Your home’s electrical system is vast and complex, therefore making it hard to understand. Here are some electric basics to keep in mind for safety and optimal service:


A labeled circuit breaker is a happy circuit breaker.
Your circuit breaker protects your home from dangerous electrical surges and overloads. Without your circuit breaker your home is subject to serious danger from fire or other concerns. A properly labeled circuit breaker box allows you to easily shut power off to an area of your home, or quickly reinstate it if a circuit is tripped. Without proper labels you could be left to a lot of potentially dangerous guesswork. (If you have experienced a problem with a breaker or breakers that frequently trip you should have an electrician come out to inspect and find the potentially dangerous issue asap!)


Be very careful when it comes to a DIY electrical project.
Electrical projects can be dangerous, and should be done by a trained professional. Personal injury, damage to your home, and the potential for fires are serious and very real threats. Faulty electrical is the #1 cause of home fires. Protect yourself and your family – call in a professional for all of your home wiring and electrical needs. Use the coupon below to save on any electrical service through the end of September!


Comfort is available despite public electrical outages.
We are all guilty of taking our home’s public electric supply for granted. Day in and day out, it keeps us connected, comfortable and entertained. But, when the power goes out we immediately know what we are missing, and even a short power outage can cause major problems. Stay plugged in, even when the public power supply goes out, with a whole house generator. Your home and family runs on electricity – don’t get left in the dark!

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